About Wirrega

  • Wirrega barn under construction
  • Wirrega framework with Wilsons Prom in distance
  • Wirrega barn near Walkerville
  • Stylish dining room at Wirrega Bear Gully

Wirrega is a comfortable barn-shaped structure nestled in 5 acres on Bear Gully Road, Cape Liptrap, Victoria. Available for weekends (or longer) rental, it is the ideal venue for common interest groups, social clubs or extended family groups seeking a relaxed recreational break.

Wirrega represents eco-tourism at its best. Every part of this spacious coastal hideaway has been fashioned from recycled materials, including massive hand-adzed beams and weathered poles that date back a century or more. The extensive use of glass creates a beautiful dining room. Wirrega has a total of seven bedrooms (five on the ground floor and two on the first floor).

The walls are constructed of mud bricks and a variation of the wattle-and-daub technique used in pioneering times. Ochre added to the slurry has imparted a wonderful rustic warmth.

The floor is a joy to walk on. It looks like dressed and polished stone but is an amalgam of rammed earth, clay and sand stabilised with bitumen.

When the amalgam dried and cracked the fissures were filled with grouting; the entire surface was then given many coats of shellac, imparting a deep, rich sheen.

  • Mudbrick construction of Wirrega accommodation
  • Amalgam floor of Wirrega during construction
  • Finished amalgam floors and lounge area at Wirrega
  • Glossy floors and kitchen at Wirrega accommodation
Aerial shot of Wirrega barn, showing Walkerville coastline and beach